Aether Industries


Aether Industries specializes in developing innovative solutions for high altitude research and near space advertising platforms.

We produce custom educational and research kits, and offer high quality meteorological-sounding balloons of various sizes.

Our team has a strong background in research and design which makes us capable of constructing hardware solutions for anything from low altitudes to space.

Aether Industries is an exclusive supplier of Pawan weather balloons in North America.



Project Aether


Project Aether is a program designed to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, explorers, and dreamers. We collaborate with schools to teach students physics concepts, experimental research skills, and to demonstrate low-cost, accessible space exploration through high altitude balloon launches equipped with HD cameras. Through Project Aether, students are taught the process of design, invention, and creation which exposes them to numerous career paths such as engineering, IT, climatology, photography, and aerospace. 



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